Welcome to Chelten Computer Communications!

Chelten Computer Communications offers onsite PC & network installation, support, and repair services throughout the Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey area to small & medium businesses, home based businesses, independent professionals and individual home users.

Our technicians are skilled professionals who can usually solve your PC (desktop & laptop) or network problems and have your system back in working order quickly. Onsite service is usually available within 24 hours.

If you want to upgrade your present computer, we can add any peripheral that is supported by your present system, including scanners, CD/DVD-Rom burners, video and/or sound cards, firewire and/or USB ports, operating system or anything else that strikes your fancy! We also build custom desktop systems, to your specifications, for surprisingly reasonable prices.

Check out our networking section – both wired & wireless. It’s easy and affordable to share files, printers or your broadband Internet connection among multiple PC’s.

Service contracts are available offering telephone helpdesk & email support and/or onsite service. Call us today to discuss your IT support requirements.

If you are tired of waiting on hold for inept outsourced telephone support from one of the big name manufacturers or poor service at one of the local chain stores, call Chelten Computer Communications today for prompt and reliable service at a reasonable cost.

We are Commercial & Residential Service Specialists

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